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The continent of Africa is so wildly diverse, and when that inquiry form hits your inbox for a bucket list safari trip or hiking the Atlas Mountains,

will you be ready to field it with ease?

Listen, we get it. There’s so much to know about each destination, particularly when it comes to the logistics of a country.

While we can lean on our suppliers for the more detailed nuances, we need to be capable of speaking confidently about the variety of options found throughout Africa and how those options match the needs and desires of our client. For a smoother proposal process, we also need to understand what information must be gathered from the client for the supplier to fulfill their role.

Closing more Africa sales begins with understanding the diverse landscape, cultures, and experiences found on this incredible continent.

“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa - twice.” 

- R. Elliot

An in-depth multi-country masterclass that guides you through the nuances of Botswana, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa so that you can field client requests with confidence and close more Africa sales.

africa Destination Masterclass



What's inside of the africa masterclass

lesson one

Breathtaking Botswana

Botswana is absolutely breathtaking, yet not one of the first places your clients ask to go when visiting Africa, and we want to change that. We partnered with Wazha Dube to cover the following key topics in this masterclass.

We will cover:
+ About The Supplier
+ Understand What Makes Botswana Different
+ How To Get Around/Logistical Things To Consider
+ Understanding The Different Regions Of Botswana
+ What Experiences Are Possible
+ How To Guide Your Client Toward A Safari Circuit That Matches Their Style
+ How To Combine Botswana With Neighboring Countries
+ Selling Botswana Like An Expert

lesson two

Magnificent Morocco

Our very own Jennifer Jacob and Robin Bradley personally traveled with Experience Morocco and absolutely fell in love. We partnered with Hicham Mhammedi to share more about this incredible destination and the best ways to plan a trip to Morocco for your clients.

We will cover:
+ About Morocco & The Logistics
+ The Recommended Itineraries & Flow
+ Accommodation Recommendations By Destination 
+ Popular Tours & Activities
+ Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

lesson three

Kinetic Kenya & Tantalizing Tanzania

Each year, East Africa experiences the Great Migration, where millions of animals make the trek from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya, and it is absolutely magical to see if you do it right. We've partnered with local expert Sam King for this masterclass.

We will cover:
+ South Africa vs. East Africa
+ Overview Of The Serengeti
+ What Is The Great Migration?
+ The Great Migration By Season

lesson Four

Sophisticated South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Africa. We've partnered with local expert Darren Napier, who is going to share more about the best ways to plan a trip to South Africa for your clients.

We will Cover:
+ About The Supplier & Where They Operate
+ Perks & Benefits Of Booking With Personal Africa
+ Traditional Itinerary Structures & Flow
+ Trip Planning & Travel Tips
+ Key Questions To Ask Clients On The Intake Call
+ Popular Safaris, Tours & Activities By Region
+ Map & Logistics
+ Living Like A Local (& Terminology)

If you’re looking to elevate your Africa itineraries and showcase your value as a true expert, you have come to the right place!

As travel advisors, our clients are looking to us to help make the best decisions, not only on where to go, but how to best enjoy the destination to the fullest. Much of that heavily relies on our knowledge of laying out the itinerary in a way that makes logistical sense and leveraging in-destination relationships that will provide a seamless experience. This course is your key to achieving exactly that!

We created this program because we struggled to find informative supplier sessions that focused on the best practices for planning, rather than focusing on hotel amenities. 

This      for you if:

You are a travel advisor

You are looking to increase credibility with your clients when planning their dream Africa trip

You have been looking for a training that allows you to understand the destination, rather than focus solely on hotels

You are not in the travel industry

You are know all there is to know about the continent of africa

It's probably          for you if...

You are looking for a training that showcases accommodation options and amenities



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