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Your step-by-step blueprint for implementing boundaries into your business for a more elevated client experience - and more peace for you.

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Maybe it’s not that your clients are bad…but that your process is.

Are your boundaries ACTUALLY being disrespected by clients or are they NOT being upheld by you? Boundaries only work if you have them and enforce them. Are you communicating your expectations to your clients clearly and professionally? You can’t be upset with clients if they truly don’t know any better. Are you subscribing to outdated industry beliefs and practices that uphold the idea that advisors have to be “on” 24/7? Because we’re here to tell you that a business can thrive between 9 and 5.

Think About It…

. This might resonate with you, but it doesn’t have to be that way - we promise. The problem is that when our clients treat us poorly or behave badly, we tend to think it’s their fault. While it’s tempting to get frustrated with our clients, we first have to hold ourselves accountable for creating clear guidelines and expectations from the very first moment of contact.

That’s where business boundaries come in! We’re ready to do away with the old industry standard of a 24/7 grind in favor of protecting your peace and creating an elevated client experience. We promise you can have both!

Truthfully, there was a period of time when we hated gaining new clients. We were tired and feeling beaten up from the daily grind, fielding knee-jerk client reactions, and having to defend and over explain our process at every turn.

Empowered to set the expectation in your business - from the very moment your client submits an inquiry form all the way through to their final document pre-travel handoff email.

Relieved that your calendar is no longer riddled with unnecessary calls and your inbox is no longer flooded with endless questions about your process.

Confident that your workflow and expectations are being explained and reinforced in a way that allows non-ideal clients to self-select out.

What if instead of feeling annoyed with your clients, you could feel…

“The longer you entertain chaos, the longer you postpone peace.” 

Are you implementing boundaries in your business or are you caving to the status quo that to be a good advisor, you must grind yourself into the ground?

Imagine if you could shake out the difficult clients before they find a way into your workflow, just by adding some stronger language and more barriers to entry to your process. We’ve been hearing it from almost every advisor lately: clients are being extra tricky, extra picky, and more infuriating than ever, but all of that can be reined in. We’ve done it and we’ve seen other advisors successfully do it too!

we just have one question...

This comprehensive guided course walks you through the importance of boundaries in business and outlines how to start implementing them into the systems and tools you’re already using. This step-by-step blueprint includes examples and resources along the way, so that you can begin showing up professionally while protecting your peace.

business boundaries masterclass



What's inside of the business boundaries masterclass

lesson one (5 MIN)

Why Your Business Needs Boundaries

In Lesson 1, you will learn the various reasons your business needs boundaries and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of implementing boundaries.

We will touch on:
+ How boundaries define you as a professional
+ The importance of remaining human throughout your process
+ Differentiating between the boundaries that make sense for your business

lesson two (28 MIN)

Systems For Boundaries

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to leverage the systems you’re already using to establish and reinforce boundaries throughout your process.

We will touch on:
+ The power of everyday systems such as autoresponders, voicemails, and various forms
+ Leveraging the technology and systems we use to weave boundaries into your day-to-day communication with clients - such as autoresponders, voicemail greetings and more.
+ What systems we love and recommend for consistently outlining boundaries in our client experience and business processes.

lesson three (20 MIN)

Leveraging A Defined Client Experience

In Lesson 3, we’re diving into the lifecycle of a booking and walking you through each stage to clearly outline exactly where you can implement boundaries.

We will touch on:
+ The lifecycle of a booking and the various points where you can implement boundaries every step along the way.
+ Different statements and wording we recommend to establish boundaries from the first point of contact.
+ How to use supporting documents, such as a Welcome Guide or What To Do When Guide, to clearly outline expectations for clients at every step in the relationship.

lesson Four (22 MIN)

Utilizing Fees & Minimum Budget Requirements

In Lesson 4, you’ll hear about the various ways you can leverage financial boundaries in your business to increase your revenue, cut back on window-shoppers, and book more of what you want.

We will touch on:
+ How to put financial boundaries into place and use them to vet clients before moving into the booking process.
+ Fees vs. minimum budgets and how they work together or independently to define the client-advisor relationship.
+ Types of fees you can consider implementing into your business model.

lesson five (9 MIN)

Client Red Flags

In Lesson 5, we’re outlining the red flags you need to be on the lookout for and guiding you through the process of pushing back.

We will touch on:
+ How to spot red flags early in the process
+ How to delicately redirect clients using your boundaries.
+ How to release a client who does not respect the boundaries you've put into place.

lesson six (9 MIN)

Preparing To Go Out Of Office

In the final lesson of this course, we’re covering the intersection of a solid OOO routine and boundaries.

We will touch on:
+ How a solid OOO routine can prepare you and your clients for an absence
+ The various ways to communicate your out of office time
+ Outlining your OOO expectations with clients

course downloads 

Your Roadmap To A Professional and Peaceful Business

Think we would tell you all of the ways to implement boundaries without the resources to do so? Think again! Inside of this course, you’ll find all of the resources needed to protect your peace..

+ Email Autoresponder Template
+ Email Signature Checklist & Template
+ Voicemail Script
+ Calendly Optimization Checklist
+ Welcome Guide Canva Template
+ Loom Wrap Up Outline
+ What To Do When Canva Template
+ Trip Audit Checklist
+ Boundary Scripts
+ Out of Office Checklist
+ Out of Office Notice Email Template
+ Upcoming OOO Notice Email Template
+ Back Up Contact Template
+ Master Boundaries Checklist

The Business Boundaries Masterclass was created to empower you to stand by your workflow, attract more clients who are willing to work within your process, and build peace into your day-to-day.

It is possible to have clearly defined boundaries, work/life balance, AND a rock solid book of business. We’re seeing a mindset shift in the industry, with more and more advisors leaning into and embracing business boundaries with great success. We hope you’ll join us in challenging the status quo and protecting your peace!

We created this course because we were tired of “business as usual” and want to disrupt and challenge the outdated status quo of this industry that tells us we have to sacrifice our wellbeing to run a travel business.

This      for you if:

you are in the travel industry

You want to feel empowered to communicate your process

You’re tired of feeling disrespected or misunderstood by clients

You’re not willing to audit your processes

You don’t want to enforce boundaries

It's probably          for you if...

You “don’t have time” to learn a new perspective



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