Five Star FAMs Masterclass


Your guide to navigating the world of FAMs, as well as getting the most out of every educational opportunity that you choose to invest in.

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Does the word FAM spin you out into a tizzy of questions?

What the heck even if a FAM? How do you get considered? What can you expect once you’re actually invited? 

For those entering the industry, the concept of a FAM trip can seem overwhelming and untouchable. 

That’s where the Five-Star FAM Masterclass comes in! We’re here to share about what you can expect out of a familiarization trip, as well as how to get the most out of it so that you can rest assured that your investment is going to result in revenue.

Confident in reaching out to suppliers to express your interest in your dream FAM opportunities

Knowledgeable on how to prepare, how to act, and what to ask partners once you are on the FAM trip

Proud of your follow-up strategy and the relationships that come from your investment

what if instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed, you could feel...

Are you getting considered for FAMs that fit your target audience?

Picture this: You’ve gotten into a groove of your business and now you’re ready to take on the world. You express interest to your favorite DMC about going on an educational opportunity, and they actually invite you to explore that destination with them! They tell you the itinerary and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamt of…plus the advisors that are going are ones that you look up to in the industry!

we just have one question...

This comprehensive guided course walks you through the importance of creating fruitful supplier relationships that provide you with FAM opportunities that will convert to sales within your ideal clientele.

five-star FAMS masterclass



What's inside of the five-star FAMs Masterclass

lesson one (3 MIN)

What is a FAM?

In Lesson 1, you will learn the definition of a familiarization trip. 

We will touch on:
+ What is a FAM trip
+ The different styles of educational opportunities
+ An explanation of who hosts FAMs

lesson two (3 MIN)

How to get considered for a FAM trip

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to express your interest to suppliers in order to get invited on your dream FAM.

We will touch on:
+ Strategies to become more visible with industry partners
+ How to feel confident when reaching out to a supplier about a FAM
+ A secret tool to stand out among your peers

lesson three (3 MIN)

Preparing for the FAM

In Lesson 3, we’re diving into preparing to WOW your host through thorough preparation for your in-destination experience. 

We will touch on:
+ What to pack to appear professional
+ The materials that you will want to prepare for site visits
+ How to create anticipation with your audience

lesson Four (4 MIN)

FAM Etiquette

In Lesson 4, you’ll hear about how you can put your best foot forward with your hosting partners. 

We will touch on:
+ The do’s and dont’s of FAM behavior
+ How not to be “that” advisor
+ How to ensure that you are making the best impression at every turn

lesson five (2 MIN)

After the FAM

In Lesson 5, we’re outlining what to do once the FAM has ended. 

We will touch on:
+ Ideas on how to store details about the trip for future reference
+ How to leverage your experience through marketing efforts
+ Reaching out to ideal clients to share your personal experience in an effort to create interest

lesson Six (6 MIN)

Creating your own FAM

In the final lesson of this course, we’re covering the concept of a self-created FAM, and how to go about compiling an itinerary that suits your business.

We will touch on:
+ The lifecycle of creating a self-guided FAM
+ DIY FAM best practices
+ An example of an outreach email to request site visits or agent rates

bonus lesson (5 MIN)

Navigating Industry Trade Shows

You’ll receive a bonus lesson sharing insight on what to expect when applying for industry events.

We’ll explore:
+ The different types of industry events
+ Why trade shows are worth the investment
+ How to apply for trade shows 

course downloads 

Your tool kit for ensuring that you are maximizing on your supplier relationships and getting the most out of each FAM.

Inside of this course, you’ll find all of the resources needed to leave a lasting impression with every partner you work with…

+ Advisor Media Kit Template
+ FAM Packing List
+ Digital Business Cards Template
+ Site Visit/ Net Rate Request Email Template
+ Hotel Site Visit Template
+ DMC Meeting Template

The Five Star FAMs Masterclass was created to empower you to approach each FAM opportunity with confidence.

You can visit destinations athat resonate with your target audience, all while fostering positive industry relationships, and collecting content for your marketing strategy.

We created this course because so many advisors entering the industry feel imposter syndrome because they aren’t getting considered for FAMs…much less know what to do when they actually get invited.

This      for you if:

you are in the travel industry

You want to feel empowered to seek out FAMs that fit your niche

You’re feeling lost in how to approach FAMs 

You’ve experienced multiple FAMs already

You have a portfolio of vetted partners that match your ideal target audience

It's probably          for you if...

You have a system for collecting FAM information



ready to make the most of every FAM?

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