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Everything you need to know to finally get “send routine newsletters” off of your to-do list and delivered to those inboxes.

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your list of excuses for not mastering email marketing for your travel business is probably longer than your subscriber list.

We’ve heard all of the pain points advisors feel when it comes to email marketing. Not enough time, unsure of what to write, confusion about the technology, and overwhelmed at - well, all of it.

But the truth is that social media is unpredictable, everchanging, and noisy. Pouring energy into the perfect post means nothing if it falls on deaf ears… or no ears, depending on how the algorithm is feeling that day. Email marketing might be easy to ignore, but in reality, you’re stunting your own growth by continuing to put off this crucial piece of marketing.

That’s where the Flodesk Lab Masterclass comes in! We’ve taken our favorite email marketing platform, our popular Flodesk List Launch service, and all of the assets and knowledge a travel advisor needs to grow their list, show up routinely, and nurture new leads - all while maintaining brand consistency and sanity.

Be Honest...

And Trust Us - We Get It.

Knowledgeable about the ins and outs of basic email marketing and confident in navigating everything from newsletter creation to segmenting your audience for better conversion rates.

Relieved that this perpetual to-do list item is finally checked off of your list, without adding more hours to your day.

Excited about the prospect of growing your list and reaching a more engaged audience, all while showcasing your personality and brand.

What If Instead Of Feeling Uneasy About Email Marketing, You Could Feel…

“If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.” 

Are you ready to algorithm-proof your marketing strategy?

Imagine if you could log in to your Flodesk account, send off a beautifully branded and easily curated newsletter, and move on to your next task? Your nurture sequences are running smoothly behind the scenes, and new leads are opting in for your lead magnet, growing your list steadily. Your audience wants to hear from you, and no algorithm is going to stand in your way. Email marketing is now a blip on your to-do list, instead of the big scary thing it used to be.

we just have one question...

This comprehensive course is a hybrid of presentation style knowledge-based learning and tutorials inside of Flodesk, so that you’ll not only come to understand the how of email marketing, but the why.

the Flodesk Lab Masterclass for Travel Advisors



What’s Inside of the Flodesk Lab

lesson one

Email Marketing 101

In Lesson 1, we cover the basics of email marketing so you can approach the implementation of it with confidence.

We will touch on:
+ Eye-opening statistics and the benefits of email marketing
+ Basic email terminology
+ Top reasons to grow your list and how to do it

lesson two

Introduction to Flodesk

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to navigate the Flodesk platform and what components of this intuitive email marketing platform are relevant to our industry.

We will touch on:
+ Why we love Flodesk for travel advisors
+ What Flodesk is and is not for
+ A walkthrough of the platform and an overview of the functionality

lesson three

Setting Up Your Flodesk Account

In Lesson 3, we’ll walk you through every detail you need to know to successfully leverage Flodesk for your email marketing strategy.

We will touch on:
+ The most important settings to be aware of
+ Adding subscribers and segmenting
+ Adding the elements of your brand kit

lesson Four

Creating Your Branded Assets in Canva Pro

In Lesson 4, we’ll move over to Canva Pro so you can learn how to apply your brand to the assets provided before we begin building out your Flodesk account.

We will touch on:
+ The importance of brand consistency in email marketing
+ Applying your brand kit to your newsletter header templates and How We Work Guide lead magnet
+ Preparing these assets for use in your Flodesk setup

lesson five

Creating & Sending Emails in Flodesk

In Lesson 5, we’re jumping into creating your emails and templates in Flodesk.

We will touch on:
+ The anatomy of a balanced newsletter
+ Creating your own templates vs. using Flodesk templates
+ A complete walkthrough of creating your custom newsletter template

lesson six

Implementing Your Lead Magnet & Nurture Sequences

In the final lesson of this course, we’re dipping our toes into intermediate email marketing, and implementing your automated sequences.

We will touch on:
+ The elements of a nurture sequence and how to set yours up
+ The implementation and lifecycle of a nurture sequence
+ The two types of sequences all advisors need

course Resources 

Your Roadmap To A Polished & Ready-to-Send Email Marketing Strategy

Along the way, you’ll need plenty of resources and templates to bring your Flodesk account to life! We’re providing you with everything you need to build out your email marketing strategy:

+ Email List Maintenance Checklist
+ Re-engagement Email Template
+ Email List Segment Examples
+ Newsletter Header Canva Templates
+ How We Work Guide Lead Magnet Canva Template
+ Custom Newsletter Template with Copy Prompts
+ 6 Nurture Sequence Email Templates
+ Nurture Sequence Checklist

The Flodesk Lab Masterclass was created to empower you to connect with your audience regularly, showcase your brand’s personality, and cut through the noise of social media’s constantly changing trends.

Advisors were coming to us confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed with their email lists, abandoning their attempts to craft curated newsletters, and stumped at the tech behind nurture sequences and lead magnets. It’s possible to stay top of mind with your audience without spinning your wheels on captions and trends, or being at the mercy of the algorithm. We know because we’ve done it!

We created this course after seeing how wildly popular our Flodesk List Launch service was and noticing the gap in the industry for a robust email marketing training.

This      for you if:

you are in the travel industry

You keep putting off email marketing in your travel business

You are ready to jumpstart your email list or continue to grow the one you have

You’re not willing to learn the platform or implement the assets

You don’t want to make time for email marketing in your business

It's probably          for you if...

You think email marketing isn’t important for your business



Hit “send” on email marketing worries forever.

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