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Dig deeper into this popular and awe-inspiring country with Italy 2.0.

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You’ve fielded the “usual” Italy inquiries with ease, But what about

While booking Italy seems to be “la dolce vita,” it can be a real struggle if you’re not familiar with the nuances of each region.

The Less Commonly Requested Or More Nuanced Options?

The biggest challenge that advisors face is that every presentation feels like it is product-driven. It can be impossible to learn about a destination when your on-site partner is seeking to gain business only within their specific portfolio. 

You can take a GIANT step closer to mastering your Italy sales strategy by learning more about how to manage client expectations, create unique experiences, and layout sensible logistics for every gelato-filled itinerary that you create.

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” 

- Giuseppe Verdi

An in-depth multi-city masterclass that guides you through the nuances of the famed Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Lake Como, Ischia and Capri so that you can field client requests with confidence and close more Italy sales.

Italy 2.0 Destination Masterclass



What's inside of course

lesson one

Awe-Inspiring Amalfi Coast

This masterclass is perfect for those who are new to the Amalfi Coast or those who wish to expand their horizons and learn more. We partnered with Raffaele Romano for this masterclass.

We will cover:
+ About The Host
+ What Is & Is Not The Amalfi Coast
+ The Personalities Of Each Town
+ Logistics & Getting Around
+ The Absolute "Must-Have" Experiences
+ What To Avoid As A Tourist
+ Hidden Gem Experiences
+ Dining Recommendations

lesson two

Picturesque Puglia

Puglia is Southern Italy's best-kept secret... and we want to tell you why! We partnered with Marilena Barberi to share more about why Puglia is so special.

We will cover:
+ Who Is Italy With Class & What They Can Offer
+ Where In Italy Puglia Resides & How To Visit
+ The Logistics & How To Arrive/Depart
+ Why You Should Send Clients To Puglia
+ The Unique Experiences
+ Historical Landmarks & Sights To See
+ Why Book With Italy With Class

lesson three

Lovely Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most luxurious and sought-after destinations to visit in Italy! We've partnered with local expert, Laura Sanvito, who is going to share all things Lake Como.

We will cover:
+ Who Is Laura & How She Got Started
+ Understanding The Differences In Each Lake
+ How To Get Around/ Logistical Things To Consider
+ What Experiences Are Possible
+ How To Guide Your Client Towards A Trip That Matches Their Style
+ Food & Beverage Recommendations To Maximize Your Client's Experience

lesson Four

Iconic Ischia & Captivating Capri

Ishia and Capri are two islands that are often bunched with the Amalfi Coast, but in fact, are not a part of the Amalfi Coast. We've partnered with Raffaele Romano who is going to share the best tips & tricks for your clients.

We will cover:
+ About Our Host
+ The History Of The Islands
+ The "Must-Have" Experiences
+ What To Avoid As A Tourist
+ Hidden Gem Experiences
+ Logistics & Getting Around
+ Dining Recommendations

If you’re looking to elevate your Italy itineraries and showcase your value as a true expert, you have come to the right place!

As travel advisors, our clients are looking to us to help make the best decisions, not only on where to go, but how to best enjoy the destination to the fullest. Much of that heavily relies on our knowledge of laying out the itinerary in a way that makes logistical sense and leveraging in-destination relationships that will provide a seamless experience. This course is your key to achieving exactly that!

We created this program because we struggled to find informative supplier sessions that focused on the best practices for planning, rather than focusing on hotel amenities. 

This      for you if:

You are a travel advisor

You are looking to increase credibility with your clients when planning their dream Italy trip

You have been looking for a training that allows you to understand the destination, rather than focus solely on hotels

You are not in the travel industry

You are know all there is to know about the country of Italy

It's probably          for you if...

You are looking for a training that showcases accommodation options and amenities



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