An introduction to the travel industry, as well as a crash course on how to launch your career with credibility and confidence.

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New advisor Masterclass


It feels like there is

+ Are you ready to get started but not sure what the first steps are?
+ Are you overwhelmed with learning about the industry and looking to understand how everything works?
+ Are you wanting to understand the financial opportunity in travel advising and how you can make a full-time income?

no clear path to starting a career in travel

The problem is that there is no real barrier to entry for travel advising. There is no required educational background and there are new advisors entering the industry without mentors to guide them towards setting up a business to scale.

That’s where we come in. This masterclass is a high-level crash course on the structure of the industry, the various financial models to consider, what legal components you should be aware of, as well as an introduction to the traditional life-cycle of a booking.

Truthfully, there was a time when we didn’t know a dang thing about the industry…REALLY! It felt like everywhere we turned, everyone had a different business model, different style, and no straight talk about how to get started and what success actually looked like.

and all courses focus on geography over running a business built to scale…

Confident that your business model is built to create a solid income.

Relieved that you are aware of all the boxes you need to check to launch your travel business.

Knowledgeable on the travel industry so that you can approach meetings and clients from an educated perspective.

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed with where to start, you could feel…

Are ready to launch your business knowing that you’ve chosen the right host, created a sustainable model, curated a client experience that best suits their needs and connected with the right suppliers for your niche?

Imagine if you could shake out the difficult clients before they find a way into your workflow, just by adding some stronger language and more barriers to entry to your process. We’ve been hearing it from almost every advisor lately: clients are being extra tricky, extra picky, and more infuriating than ever, but all of that can be reined in. We’ve done it and we’ve seen other advisors successfully do it too!

we just have one question...

Or…is all of that overwhelming enough to make you throw up your hands and walk away from your dream career?

This masterclass is an introduction to the industry and all the components of the business that you will want to educate yourself on before ever speaking with a client. You’ll receive guidance and resources that help you create a path forward to crush your career goals!

Introducing the New Advisor Masterclass



What’s Inside of the New Advisor Masterclass

lesson one

Industry Structure

In Lesson 1, you will learn an overview of the industry and how each level of business supports each other. 

We will touch on:
+ How boundaries define you as a professional
+ The different financial compensation options
+ Why defining a niche will help you make more money
+ The traditional life cycle of a booking
+ Important terms to know

lesson two

Setting Up Your Business

In Lesson 2, you will learn about the financial and legal components of establishing your business. 

We will touch on:
+ Why you should work with an accountant before ever filing your business 
+ Important legal considerations
+ The different types of agreements that you will need to have for clients to sign

lesson three

Creating An Online Presence

In Lesson 3, we’re diving into the different types of online accounts that you will want to establish.

We will touch on:
+Things to consider when creating your company’s website
+ Why creating a signature line can help protect your business
+ Why having an auto-responder on at all times can help establish boundaries

lesson Four

Building Credibility With Your Audience

In Lesson 4, you’ll hear about how you can leverage human connection to create credibility when launching your business. 

We will touch on:
+ How to utilize your existing network to spread the word about your new company
+ Why you should maintain a solid process, even when working with close friends and family
+ Why using the terms “advisor” is more appropriate than “agent”

lesson five

Elements of a Service Suite

In Lesson 5, we’re outlining the various types of bookings that travel advisors can offer, as well as the different fee options that can be charged to clients.

We will touch on:
+ What service options are typical 
+ Why some advisors don’t offer airfare bookings
+ What fee options you should consider outlining in your terms and conditions agreement
+ A sample of what inclusions are offered with the planning fee

lesson six

Industry Relationships

In the final lesson of this course, we’re covering what different partners you should consider establishing relationships with to create your presence in the industry.

We will touch on:
+ Different partnership types that you’ll hear about in the industry
+ Why you should consider the ROI on any event before committing
+ How you can have productive supplier meetings that lead to VIP experiences for your clients

course downloads 

Your Roadmap To Launch Your Travel Business Confidently

Think we would tell you all of the ways to carve out your place in the industry without the resources to do so? Think again! Inside of this course, you’ll find all of the resources needed to protect your peace...

+ Host Agency Questions
+ Defining Your Dream Client Worksheet
+ Intake Call Template
+ 5 Canned Email Templates
+ Supplier Invoice Template
+ List of Industry Terms & Definitions
+ Email Signature Checklist & Template
+ Email Autoresponder Template
+ Welcome Guide Canva Template
+ Supplier Meeting Request Template
+ Supplier Meeting Questionnaire

The New Advisor Masterclass was created to empower you to create the business of your dreams while knowing that you’ve set a foundation for a viable travel planning model from day one.

It is possible to start a business and look like a professional from the start, and with this masterclass you will walk the walk and talk the talk. 

We created this course because we were tired of seeing new travel agent courses that focused on geography or were too conceptual. We wanted to provide a clear and concise list of all things to consider when creating your own travel agency. 

This      for you if:

You are new to the travel industry or considering becoming a travel advisor

You want to feel empowered to launch your business the right way

You’re tired of internet overwhelm on “how to become a travel agent”

You’re tenured in the industry

You don’t want to put in the work to create your own business

It's probably          for you if...

You “don’t have time” to learn how the industry works



ready to protect your peace?

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