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Your step-by-step guide on how to deliver proposals that convert to sales faster through creating high level personalization and leveraging automation. 

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Maybe it’s not that your proposal didn’t hit the mark for your client, but that your delivery was 

+ Are you tantalizing your clients with on-brand imagery and eloquent storytelling that allows them to imagine themselves enjoying the trip that you thoughtfully designed? 
+ Are you leveraging technology to deliver quality content for your clients to view at their convenience? 
+ Are you making every client feel like they are your #1 priority through high-level personalization?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it’s time to up your game! You may think that locking down bookings relies solely on your destination knowledge alone…and it doesn’t! 

Slowing Down Their Decision Making…

How you are collecting client information and delivering the proposals are 100% make or break.

That’s where the Profitable Proposals Masterclass comes into play. This course will transform how you curate, edit and deliver proposals that require minimal changes and expedited results. 

Confident that your proposals would surprise and delight every client

Relieved knowing that your process allowed you to tap into the luxury market because each proposal allowed each client to feel like a VIP

Assured that everything you provided to your client also help protect your business from risk and liability

What if instead of feeling the constant grind of sending client quotes, you felt….

Are you spending time creating well-thought out proposals just to receive an onslaught of questions and feedback, resulting in delay after delay of submitting the deposit? 

Or worse…a client that ends up booking your itinerary on their own?

Imagine if you could cut streamline your process to get clients to book faster and at a higher total package price? We know it’s possible because these strategies have been tested and are proven to work!

we just have one question...

This comprehensive guided course walks you through how you can level up your proposal process by increasing personalization and brand consistency, all while requiring less hand-holding and time on the phone with your clients.

profitable proposals masterclass



What’s Inside of the Profitable Proposals Masterclass

lesson one (4 MIN)

Confirming The Intake Call Details

In Lesson 1, you will learn about how to execute an intake call that cultivates trust and credibility.

We will touch on:
+ Best practices on utilizing our intake call form resource
+ How to obtain and store your client intake call details for easy reference when creating the proposal
+ The importance of sending a recap email after the initial client call

lesson two (5 MIN)

Selecting A Supplier

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to leverage the different types of suppliers to curate itineraries that perfectly match your clients’ requests.

We will touch on:
+ The importance of knowing how suppliers operate in order to select a partner that best fits your specific request
+ How to foster mutually beneficial relationships within supplier partners
+ How to utilize our “Supplier Proposal Request” resource

lesson three (6 MIN)

Reviewing The Supplier Proposal

In Lesson 3, we’re discussing how to review a supplier quote before submitting the finalized version to your client.

We will touch on:
+ The various aspects of a proposal to ensure match your clients’ requests
+ How to provide candid and thorough feedback to a supplier
+ Techniques to ensure that you are applying a discerning eye to each itinerary.

lesson Four (10 MIN)

Creating a Digital Itinerary

In Lesson 4, you’ll hear about why we feel passionate about utilizing a digital itinerary creation tool for your clients to utilize when reviewing the proposal.

We will touch on:
+ Why providing modernized technology creates an elevated experience for your clients
+ Aspects to consider when considering to present a digital itinerary vs. a PDF version
+ Online itinerary inclusion best practices, as well as what you should exclude

lesson five (7 MIN)

Recording a Loom Walkthrough

In Lesson 5, we’re outlining how you can utilize Loom to provide your clients with an immersive experience that converts.

We will touch on:
+ Considerations of various face-to-camera platforms
+ The benefits of delivering itinerary assets in a video format
+ A recommended outline to follow when creating your Loom script

lesson six (2 MIN)

Sending the proposal

Sending the proposal

In the final lesson of this course, we’re covering the final step of the proposal process!

We will touch on:
What to include in your proposal email
Key components of the proposal process that could protect you from client confusion and risk
How to utilize the “Client Proposal Email Template” resource

course downloads 

Your Key To Proposals That Convert Quickly

Think we would tell you all of the ways to create the ideal proposal without providing you with the necessary tools? Think again! Inside of this course, you’ll find all of the resources needed to exceed client expectations and streamline your quoting process:

Inside you will have access to:
+ Intake Call Template
+ Supplier Meeting Template
+ Supplier Proposal Request Template
+ Travefy Component Formatting
+ Loom Proposal Outline
+ Client Proposal Email Template

The Profitable Proposals Masterclass was created to liberate you from reinventing the wheel with every client quote.  

By utilizing modern technology to personalize each proposal and defining a standard process, your clients will feel confident that all details of their dream vacation has been perfectly compiled in one convenient package.

We created this course because we hated hearing from advisors that their proposals were taking forever to close, which resulted in changes in pricing and availability…which then further resulted in disgruntled clients that were even further from making a decision than they were in the first place. 

This      for you if:

you are in the travel industry

You want to create a streamlined proposal process

You’re looking to elevate your quote delivery through a highly customized approach

You’re not willing to take the time to individualize each proposal

You don’t want to enforce boundaries in your process

It's probably          for you if...

You “don’t have time” to learn a new perspective



ready to streamline your proposal process?

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